About Us

Chhoga Ram Dewasi welcome you to my website.

Since 2000, my professional life has grown by leaps and bounds. Self-development training programmes, have helped me a great deal due to which I am able to give the best of personalized services to my valued clients.

With information technology simplifying various aspects of client servicing, I have been able to provide my clients with the best of computerized servicing from 2005. This includes web-based technology that enables viewing complete insurance records by merely punching a few keys at the convenience of their homes. My brother Shri Danaram Dewasi who entered this field as a insurance agent in 2009 age of 18 years

1.Appointment as an 22/06/2000 in L.I.C Agency as his profession at the tender age of 18 Yrs.
2.Went on to become the youngest Chairman's club member in 2006-2007
3.Qualified for M.D.R.T [Million Dollar Round Table] in 2007 and maintained up to 2011
4. Qualified for M.D.R.T [Million Dollar Round Table] in 2009 rank in 4th in division
5. Qualified for M.D.R.T [Million Dollar Round Table] in 2009 1st rank in Branch
6. Operates from an Ultra-modern head office of more than 5000 sq.ft equipped with a fully computerized.
7. 24 / 7 online Service to policyholders
8 Last 8 years carorepati andshatakveer agent
9.years 2005-2006 Top in branch and Name appeared in the merit list in the branch, division as well as in zonal level
10. Attended MDRT's Annual meeting several times in the USA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Atlanta, Georgia, USA